Corona managed to TKO the UFC

So, with every new blog people will tell you reasons why you should tune into theirs in particular. I’m not really interested in that, and I’m mainly doing this to voice my opinion. This blog in no way is a place for politics, or any other bullshit that people enjoy to complain about on the internet. Im 22 years old from New York finishing up my senior year of college. For about 6 years I’ve been engaged in mixed martial arts and have been hooked since the first day I was introduced to it. Enough about me, there are many questions to be answered. First on the list, UFC 249. The long awaited matchup between Tony and Khabib has been put to a halt again. The real question is: WHEN ARE WE GETTING THIS FIGHT? Since 2015 the UFC has been trying to put this fight together and it falls apart every single time. Don’t tell me any other matchup in the lightweight division that makes more sense. Both fighters are at the top of their game with different repertoires of skills that pose a problem on both sides. If Khabib takes down Tony, how is Tony getting up? If Tony cuts up Khabib with his elbows, how is Khabib going to react? These are all questions we thought we would get answered. We also recently heard that the much anticipated Kamaru Usman v. Jorge Masvidal matchup will take place, and that is a breath of fresh air. Kamaru trying to take away Jorge’s hype is absolutely absurd. To think that somebody could come out of practically retirement, starch the young buck in Darren Till, then absolutely ANNIHILATE Askren, and dismantle Nate Diaz, a title shot is not a reach in any regard. The real question with the welterweight division is the other matchup. The matchup to see the clear #1 contender. I’m not a fan of Tyron Woodley, I think he complains a lot and thinks that everyone is out to get him. BUT, in his defense, everybody has an off night. Tyron Woodley is arguably one of the best welterweights to ever come through the UFC, and even though it was a dominant performance by Kamaru, I think it warranted a rematch. Since we didn’t get the rematch, I propose you one better Uncle Dana, Colby Vs. Tyron for the #1 contender. Nobody can argue with colby’s skill, no matter how much of a moron the guy actually is. His cardio and gas tank are infinite, and he will stay in your face the whole night. The real question is, Does Tyron have it in him to put the lights out? Just some food for thought, I’ll be posting to this blog with any and all MMA news. Rock’d the podcast is currently being figured out due to the corona virus complications, its hard to meet up with my cohost. I hope you guys enjoyed my first of many blogs, and please stay safe in this crazy world we live in. Until next time.

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