Poirier chomping at the bit for Mcgregor Rematch

Let me take you back to September 27, 2014. UFC 178 was headlined by Demetrious Johnson and Chris Cariaso, and Conor Mcgregor was on the undercard set to face Dustin Poirier. Both surging up and coming fighters that were clashing off in the featherweight division. Both looked very thin in their face off and it was clear they were meant for the lightweight division, but I won’t jump the gun. The match is set. The match takes place. It took Conor Mcgregor under two minutes to hit Poirier with an ear muff shot. Anybody that has been hit with one of the shot’s knows that it messes with your equilibrium and balance. Soon after that happened, Conor had vicious ground and pound for the win. Okay. Understandable. Everyone gets caught with a punch and on that day Mcgregor got the best of him. My question is for Dustin Poirier. My question is what happens if you get the Mcgregor rematch, and you’ve told yourself it was a lucky shot for all these years, and he goes out and does it again? Not even 3 months ago we saw Mcgregor expose Cowboy’s weakness by getting on him out the gate. Mcgregor may already have Poirier’s number and may do it again. BUT! Mcgregor has seemed to avoid this rematch for some odd reason, and when asked about opponents he says “Anyone can get it” but seem’s to never say Poirier’s name. It’s very interesting. Poirier tore through the whole division and lost to arguably the best fighter to ever live, and many people are writing him off after that. Just like many people wrote off Conor Mcgregor after he lost to Khabib. I think that Mcgregor and Poirier at welterweight is a fantastic idea. No weight cut so they will both be fresh, and I think that it should be interesting to see two of the top lightweights face off in unfamiliar territory. Though Mcgregor fought at welterweight before, I feel like he is still playing with fire. He is known to not have a gas tank and if Poirier trains correctly and can take him into that deep water, there’s no telling what may happen. I think this is a good matchup to make while we see what happens with the other fights. Tony and Justin for the interim lightweight championship, have a quick turn around winner fights Khabib, and then Dustin and Conor will determine the #1 contender for the winner of the undisputed belt. Just a Thursday thought. Hope you’re all staying safe, and the podcast is coming! Stay tuned!

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