Rob “Fig Newton” Namme- Our first Sponsored Fighter

PSA: His nickname isn’t actually fig newton.

Rob Namme, also known as “Bobby” is a wrestler turned MMA fighter coming out of New City, NY. Bobby was brought into this world by Rob and Deb Namme on February 7, 1995 in Suffern, New York. Bob has an older brother Chris and since a young age they’ve been wrestling competitively. Bob was in a talent stacked division of wrestlers coming out of the Hudson Valley and trained in exotic places such as France and Bulgaria. Bob walks around at 170 lbs and fought at 160 lbs in his last outing in February 1, 2020. He was able to come away with the win in a decision victory in a slugfest. Bob trains at Rigoro Gym located in New City, New York. Rigoro Gym is ran by Ricky Vllasaliu, A decorated European kick boxer with tons of knowledge in the MMA world. Rigoro Gym is quickly starting to rise as many members make the decision to compete. Bobby was a perfect fit for the ROCK’d brand. He’s been a good friend for a majority of our lives, and has been nothing but supportive throughout our journey of making dreams into reality. Bob has a bright future in the MMA spotlight and ROCK’d is proud to represent a fighter with his work ethic and integrity. We wish him best wishes going forward with his career and future endeavors. The ROCK’d family has now grown by one.

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