For the love of fighting-Story of a kid with a dream

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Many children have a dream to become something when they grow up. Some got pushed by parents to become lawyers, some doctors, but there is always that one kid in a group with different wishes.

Bullying then, bullying now. Some things change, but some things never change as 2Pac said. That “happening” is what marked me for life. As soon as elementary school started I knew, but somehow other children knew too that I do not fit with them. I was very short and skinny, goofy looking kid. I was always on the side, shy one. You know those friend groups who walk on a sidewalk and there is always that one who is left hanging and has to walk behind them, you know that, am I right? Well I was that one fella my whole life. Always had that one wild side by me, always ruckus around me because…

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