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Sorry for the short absence, School and life kicked the shit out of me last week. Throughout the world of MMA there are constant rumors that sometimes get addressed, while other times they are left for fans to speculate. The UFC has been nothing but open with their fan base on what’s to take place in the future. Many people have been waiting on certain matchups to take place and today I’m here to update you on what I managed to miss last week.

Masvidal to face different opponent, Per Dana White

One of the long awaited matchups we thought we’d get in 2020 is Kamaru Usman Vs. Tyron Woodley. While many fan’s want the matchup, Dana White on an interview earlier in the week said the company is going in a different direction. White says they’ve found another exciting opportunity for Masvidal and that they are exploring all their current options. I don’t like this decision, based on what Masvidal has done in the past year. Masvidal checks off all the boxes for a title shot, and the man isn’t getting any younger. I think that Masvidal has the right momentum and skill set behind him to dethrone the welterweight champion.

Cowboy Cerrone Opens up following Mcgregor Loss

For many months, fans have speculated that cowboy Cerrone took a dive in the fight against Conor Mcgregor back in late January. Cerrone set the media straight, saying that there is no amount of money that someone can pay him to take a dive. In addition, he also said that it was very hard for him to find motivation after the Mcgregor loss. Cowboy has always had trouble in the big fights. Seeing Mcgregor go out and do what he did didn’t surprise me, many people say that he took an easy fight. It’s hard to agree with that, based on the fact that Cowboy and Mcgregor have had history for years now. Mcgregor used the blueprint that his fellow colleagues laid out for him and went after Cerrone from the opening bell. In the end of the interview, Cowboy said that he see’s the light at the end of the tunnel but he doesn’t know when it’s going to come. This is a huge loss for the UFC, as cowboy is all for the fans and a complete showman at everything that he does. A true UFC legend and without a doubt a first ballot hall of fame inductee.

Woodley Vs. Burns

Tyron Woodley is expected to be accepting a fight against Gilbert Burns on May 23. This fight is expected to be the main event of the card, and it’s sure to bring fireworks. Burns is coming off a hot win against Demain Maia, while Tyron Woodley is arguably one of the best WW of all time. I think this is a bad fight for Tyron Woodley for many reasons. Woodley is risking it all to face an up and coming star, and if he makes one mistake it flushes down all the work he’s done in the division. I think Woodley should be looking for the Colby fight, and Burns should be looking to make a name off a surging star like Leon Edwards.


This week we did not get around to shooting the podcast. Please understand that life happens, and we want to bring anybody supporting us the best content we can. Everything has been extremely weird and I’m still trying to adjust to life. I would rather not shoot a podcast then shoot one with no mood or interaction. More content is to come with time, and we will only get better with time. Thank you for being understanding and reading! We couldn’t do it without the viewers.

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