Calling all degenerates

In a time of uncertainty, One thing is set in stone: UFC 249 is taking place tomorrow against all the odds. It’s been 58 days of no sports and people are starting to get restless. Sports are enjoyable to watch, but they also generate a ton of revenue off gambling. Sports gambling is illegal in most states, and people find a way to gamble legally or they will take an alternative route.

Since the blog is meant to inform the masses on the sport, We figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to point our supporters in the right direction when it comes to fights. Keep in mind that even the best fighters make mistakes on their best day and any fight can be affected by one punch. It’s extremely frustrating to bet on fights, but since many people don’t have an option they will resort to the card this weekend. GAMBLE WISELY. It’s very easy to go down big and play catchup the rest of the night. It’s also very easy to pick every fight on the card, especially one of this magnitude. Keep in mind you only want to bet on fights that you’re certain of, and DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF. It’s very easy to blame others when it comes to losing.

There are many fights that pop off the card as instant classics. Keep in mind, gambling on the main event is a gamble in itself. If you lose the main event, then you are guarenteed to have a losing night unless you are up from earlier in the night. If you plan on betting, I suggest picking a preliminary fight followed up by a favorite on the main card. There are three picks that we would suggest taking, and take a parlay of three seperate fights. A parlay is defined as a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accrue from each transaction. For example, if you made a $10 parlay for two fighters, Both fighters have to win in order for you to win your bet. People tend to parlay “Locks” or fights the bettor believes will be definite wins. By placing a parlay, you increase your odds while also increasing the payout. Bet carefully, and if you have any questions about our picks please reach out to us! One more sleep until sports are back, and we couldn’t be more excited! Thanks for reading!



  • Bryce Mitchell -167 (Favorite)
  • Cowboy Cerrone +120 (Underdog)
  • Yorgan Decastro +170 (Underdog)


  • Mitchell -167
  • Uriah Hall (Even)
  • Justin Gaethje +165
  • $10 to win $74

Good Luck! UFC is back!!!!!

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