Ex UFC Fighter decides to take GTA to the Next Level

Bryan Caraway weigh in for UFC 222

Fighting is obviously a pretty rough sport, and it brings out some interesting characters. Bryan Caraway is a former UFC fighter that is most notably known for dating popular female fighter, Miesha Tate. Caraway has been charged with four felonies that dated back to an incident in 2018. Caraway stole an ATV from Miesha Tate, which isn’t out of the ordinary, especially if couples are splitting and their is an argument amongst possesions. The next part is where things get extremely interesting: Caraway reportedly bought insurance on the ATV, and three days later had reported it stolen once Tate took back her property. Upon discovery, Caraway falsified documents that would gift the ATV to him from Tate. He forged the title to the vehicle as well as lied about owning the vehicle. Caraway was charged with First degree attempted theft, Fraud, Filing a false insurance claim as well as Making a false vehicle statement.

Kamaru Usman IS NOT the GOAT.

This argument is driving me up a fucking tree like I’m a squirrel. This won’t be long, more or less a rant. This guy can’t even hold Jon Jones’s jock strap, now imagine Khabib’s? Ok, you want to use the argument of weight class. I’ll play. Georges St. Pierre is the greatest welterweight to enter the cage. 12 title defenses. Avenged both of his only losses. Two division champion. Khabib? 29-0. Jones? 26-0. No he didn’t lose. Even look at Usman’s superior, Adesanya. The cringiest skinny boi anime nerd. 20-0. Don’t get me wrong, Usman is on an absolute tear at the moment. Not in the GOAT discussion, may never be. Just my opinion but I also think he’s on EPO. Massive man fighting at 170. Makes no sense.

PFL is BACK!!!!

Oh wait no one gives a shit.

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