Another weekend, More fattys

Ciryl Gane and Jairzinho Rozenstruik face off in the main event of UFC Vegas 20

Sup guys, sorry I never posted a reaction to Lewis this week. Been going through the job interview process and its been pretty stressful. Went 3/3 on my gambling picks last week, and if you haven’t been following you’re probably broke as fuck. Im sorry but I’m not. Should’ve had more faith in the kid! But Derrick Lewis is for real and deserves all the hype. He was losing that fight handily looking for that uppercut and executed when needed. The other fights were good as well, I just like to rellish in the fact I told you fuckers a 3 to 1 underdog and delivered.

This weekend is shaping up to be interesting as well. More fat asses are set to take off in the main event of UFC Vegas 20 as Ciryl Gane faces off against Jairzinho Rozenstruik. Heavyweights have seemed to take over the main event slot as of late. There are also some interesting names on the card such as Alexander Hernandez, Alonso Menifield, Pedro Munhoz, and Alex Oliveira. This card is going to be a good one, and if you’re a casual fan I suggest you tune in. What is a casual fan, you say? A “Casual” only watches MMA when a huge name is fighting, and they only watch the main event usually. Don’t be one of those guys. McGregor, Masvidal, Diaz, they all started on the prelims once upon a time. Have an open mind to this sport, its a beautiful thing. Stand by for the gambling picks. Stay hot you beautiful sons of bitches.

The most anticipated card of the year is here: UFC 259

The much anticipated UFC 259 card is set to take place this Saturday, March 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card is stacked from top to bottom and it truly is one of the biggest cards to take place in the year. There are big names from the beginning to end, and fans all over the world are truly giving into the hype. Israel Adesanya is planning on going home to New Zealand with two belts, while Nunez and Yan try to retain their titles. There are also some fan favorite fights going on, as Thiago Santos takes on Aleksander Rakic. Both powerful, both have the capability of shutting the lights out. Khabib’s cousin also fights this weekend, as he takes on Drew Dober. Very dominant grappler, with a bright future. Joe Benavidez tries to get back on track after getting his block knocked off twice, as he faces Askar Askarov. A lot of favorites on this card, and I’m excited to see how things play out.

After last week, I need a big bounce back week. If Rozenstruik won, I could’ve acquired a small villa off the coast of Maldives. But, Instead I am still in my mothers basement. We won’t speak of the atrocity I dished out to you beautiful sons of bitches: Instead I’ll do you one better. I’ll go 4/4 on all my picks this week, that way you guys can go out to a nice dinner with your partner who still thinks you’re a virgin. If I go negative this week, You can find me under the Tappan Zee Bridge right before the Nyack exit. Stay tuned, and stay hot. I love you.

Titty Boiz Face off In Heavyweight Clash

Curtis Blaydes Vs. Derrick Lewis

Two hefty boiz plan to face off this Saturday in the main event of UFC Vegas 19. Curtis Blaydes is a wrestling heavy tub of animal fat that gets off vicious ground and pound. Derrick Lewis is most notably known for having hot balls in the ring, as well as his boxing heavy style that results in many KO’s. This matchup interests me for many different reasons. Is Lewis gonna be able to prevent Blaydes from taking him down? or is the ring gonna collapse on impact? We also have Aleksei Oleinik fighting, who is older than the dirt we walk on. It is so amazing to see that guy still winning. I may have my first child by the time he retires. Some other notable names fighting are Tom Aspinall, Darren Till’s butt buddy, as well as Bob Ross’s less talented brother Luis Pena. It’s also important to tune in because Eddie Wineland is fighting, and the last time that guy fought he was knocked out unconscious by a twisted tea tall boy. Stay tuned for the gambling picks, and stay beautiful you sons of bitches.

Ex UFC Fighter decides to take GTA to the Next Level

Bryan Caraway weigh in for UFC 222

Fighting is obviously a pretty rough sport, and it brings out some interesting characters. Bryan Caraway is a former UFC fighter that is most notably known for dating popular female fighter, Miesha Tate. Caraway has been charged with four felonies that dated back to an incident in 2018. Caraway stole an ATV from Miesha Tate, which isn’t out of the ordinary, especially if couples are splitting and their is an argument amongst possesions. The next part is where things get extremely interesting: Caraway reportedly bought insurance on the ATV, and three days later had reported it stolen once Tate took back her property. Upon discovery, Caraway falsified documents that would gift the ATV to him from Tate. He forged the title to the vehicle as well as lied about owning the vehicle. Caraway was charged with First degree attempted theft, Fraud, Filing a false insurance claim as well as Making a false vehicle statement.

Kamaru Usman IS NOT the GOAT.

This argument is driving me up a fucking tree like I’m a squirrel. This won’t be long, more or less a rant. This guy can’t even hold Jon Jones’s jock strap, now imagine Khabib’s? Ok, you want to use the argument of weight class. I’ll play. Georges St. Pierre is the greatest welterweight to enter the cage. 12 title defenses. Avenged both of his only losses. Two division champion. Khabib? 29-0. Jones? 26-0. No he didn’t lose. Even look at Usman’s superior, Adesanya. The cringiest skinny boi anime nerd. 20-0. Don’t get me wrong, Usman is on an absolute tear at the moment. Not in the GOAT discussion, may never be. Just my opinion but I also think he’s on EPO. Massive man fighting at 170. Makes no sense.

PFL is BACK!!!!

Oh wait no one gives a shit.

UFC 258 Recap

Kamaru Usman Finishes Gilbert Burns In The Third Round To Retain The Welterweight World Championship

From top to bottom, this UFC card didn’t disappoint. Many fans were skeptical to buy the PPV because there weren’t many noticeable names on the card. From the early prelims to the main card, each fight reminded fans that nothing is given in this sport. Polyana Viana had a nice armbar against Mallory Martin in the first round. Martin tried to remain tough and escape numerous submission attempts and in the end Viana got the best of her to extend her win streak to two. Anthony Hernandez stole the show with a submission over Rodolfo Vieira in the second round. This is a huge win for Hernandez, as Vieira was a multiple time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion. Hernandez cashed as a sizable +370 underdog, and if you had him winning in the second round by submission, the ticket paid out a whopping 30-1.

The main card was a roller coaster for many. Maki Pitolo was out classing Julian Marquez for almost the entirety of the match before Marquez turned into a Banshee and absolutely strangled Pitolo. The rest of the card were decisions aside from the main event. Kelvin Gastellum looked extremely prepared for whatever Heinisch planned on throwing at him. Kelvin broke his three fight skid last night with a unanimous decision in his favor. The main event was action packed, with Burns coming firing out of the gate. It looked as if he had to get back to the room to put a champion in his valentine. Usman weathered the storm and eventually clipped Burns numerous times, which sat him flat on his ass. It didn’t take long for Usman to absolutely daddy him and get the finish. It is without a doubt that Gilbert Burns is a top three welterweight in the division, the question is who is going to stop Usman? Usman is calling for “Street Jesus” Jorge Masvidal again, and I’m not sure if it will be the same result. It’s important to remember that Masvidal bossed up for a check on six days notice in their last meeting. With a full training camp, I think that Masvidal sends Usman on a one way trip to the moon via flying cock shot. Book it.

We’re Back!

Dustin Poirier KO’s Conor McGregor to capture his largest victory to date

The past year has been a wild ride of up’s and down’s for many as well as myself. COVID realized that I’m the image of health and had since decided to stay away. Recently graduated college in December, have zero clue what I want to do with my life, so I decided to start the blog again. I stopped doing the blog because of school work as well as college athletics. Now that I’m finished, I have all the time in the world to talk about MMA and all the thing’s that go on in the sport.

Looking back at UFC 257, There are many things that come to mind. First, the whole card from top to bottom was stacked with talent. All the fighters knew the position they were in being on a Conor McGregor undercard, and they took full advantage of the spotlight. Five of the eleven fights were finishes, and the decisions were dominant performances. Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier seemed to steal the show with their KO’s over Dan Hooker (Chandler) and Conor McGregor (Poirier). Michael Chandler recently made his UFC debut and shocked many as it only took 2:30 into the very first round for him to knock Hooker out cold. This is a statement win for Chandler, and instantly catapults him into the top 5 of the division. Poirier was able to pull off arguably the upset of the night with his second round stoppage of Conor McGregor. He was able to avenge his loss from UFC 178 when Conor McGregor starched him in less than two minutes. Dustin looked calculated, and he came into the fight with a bulletproof game plan that he executed flawlessly.

Looking ahead at UFC 258, I believe there is more value in the card than most see. Many look at the card from top to bottom and don’t see much. They think since there isn’t a Nate Diaz or Jorge Masvidal on the card, it isn’t worth watching. I’m here to tell you that’s nonsense. Each week a new fighter makes a name for themselves with a spectacular finish or absolutely dominating their opponent. Belal Muhammad, Ricky Simon, Maki Pitolo, Bobby Green, Kelvin Gastellum and Gilbert Burns are all certified killers that can put anybody’s lights out at any moment. Three picks that can win you some money would be Gilbert Burns, Macy Barber, and Maki Pitolo. Gamble Responsibly, See you guys next week.

Continuing to process UFC 249

Well to start, Wow. This card delivered in every single category you could think of. First of all, Congratulations and thank you to the UFC for managing to pull off a historic card in the middle of a global pandemic. It just goes to show what lengths Dana White is willing to go to make MMA as mainstream as possible. The UFC is also hosting a card tomorrow night at the same location as UFC 249, and is also hosting another card in the same arena this coming Saturday. So there was a card this past Saturday, tomorrow (Wednesday), and another card to follow this Saturday. This is a ton of MMA to digest at once and calls for record breaking numbers being produced in light of sports not being back at the moment. This expands the companies target market while also expanding the niche market that is “MMA Fans”.

UFC 249 will go down in history as the best card that was ever made. From top to bottom, Every name that was fighting was well known in the MMA community. There were many key take aways from the fights this weekend that many people need to realize. It’s easy to go through every fight, but I’m going to highlight the ones I believe matter. First, The earliest take away of the night: Bryce Mitchell. Bryce Mitchell displayed pure domination against Charles Rosa. The man is a serious threat on the floor and can sub you from anywhere, as he smoothly attempted many submissions throughout the fight. Second, Justin Gaethje is the real deal. He completely disarmed Ferguson while bombarding him with constant flurries and vicious leg kicks. Justin Gaethje is a true threat in the LW Division and I can’t wait to see him verse Khabib. Third take away would have to be Henry Cejudo. For his whole career, I counted the man out. He is without a doubt the greatest combat athlete of all time. This mans resume speaks for itself and regardless of his cringe tendencies, the man knows how to show up and show out. While he announced retirement, I think it was smart. He is marketing himself very well and he is setting himself up for a very large payday if he’s ever to come back to the sport. If it truly is a career, The MMA community appreciated everything Triple C has done and he has earned his retirement without a doubt. AND WHAT ABOUT FRANCIS NGANNOU? All of the MMA media was reporting that Jairzinho was the only man who can take him out, that he poses the largest power threat to Francis. Francis walked into the Octagon and made it back to the locker room in maybe 7 minutes. This man is unstoppable, and it just makes you think how the second fight with Stipe would go. Honorable mentions go out to Calvin Kattar as he destroyed Jeremy Stephens as well as Vincente Luque slaughtering Niko Price. I will not comment on Greg Hardy.

Tomorrow, expect fire works. Anthony Smith is a fan favorite and he delivers with every fight. Glover Teixeira is a very game opponent as well as a veteran to the game, so he shouldn’t be counted out. Also keep an eye out for the Drew Dober and Alexander Hernandez fight at lightweight, as that has the makings to be a great fight. Ovince St. Preux vs Ben Rothwell should be fireworks as well at heavyweight.

We will be giving out picks via Instagram Story tomorrow night as well as reporting the live results as they come out. As always, Thank you to everyone who supports our work! We appreciate you guys!

Calling all degenerates

In a time of uncertainty, One thing is set in stone: UFC 249 is taking place tomorrow against all the odds. It’s been 58 days of no sports and people are starting to get restless. Sports are enjoyable to watch, but they also generate a ton of revenue off gambling. Sports gambling is illegal in most states, and people find a way to gamble legally or they will take an alternative route.

Since the blog is meant to inform the masses on the sport, We figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to point our supporters in the right direction when it comes to fights. Keep in mind that even the best fighters make mistakes on their best day and any fight can be affected by one punch. It’s extremely frustrating to bet on fights, but since many people don’t have an option they will resort to the card this weekend. GAMBLE WISELY. It’s very easy to go down big and play catchup the rest of the night. It’s also very easy to pick every fight on the card, especially one of this magnitude. Keep in mind you only want to bet on fights that you’re certain of, and DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF. It’s very easy to blame others when it comes to losing.

There are many fights that pop off the card as instant classics. Keep in mind, gambling on the main event is a gamble in itself. If you lose the main event, then you are guarenteed to have a losing night unless you are up from earlier in the night. If you plan on betting, I suggest picking a preliminary fight followed up by a favorite on the main card. There are three picks that we would suggest taking, and take a parlay of three seperate fights. A parlay is defined as a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accrue from each transaction. For example, if you made a $10 parlay for two fighters, Both fighters have to win in order for you to win your bet. People tend to parlay “Locks” or fights the bettor believes will be definite wins. By placing a parlay, you increase your odds while also increasing the payout. Bet carefully, and if you have any questions about our picks please reach out to us! One more sleep until sports are back, and we couldn’t be more excited! Thanks for reading!



  • Bryce Mitchell -167 (Favorite)
  • Cowboy Cerrone +120 (Underdog)
  • Yorgan Decastro +170 (Underdog)


  • Mitchell -167
  • Uriah Hall (Even)
  • Justin Gaethje +165
  • $10 to win $74

Good Luck! UFC is back!!!!!

Sorry For The Absence

Sorry for the short absence, School and life kicked the shit out of me last week. Throughout the world of MMA there are constant rumors that sometimes get addressed, while other times they are left for fans to speculate. The UFC has been nothing but open with their fan base on what’s to take place in the future. Many people have been waiting on certain matchups to take place and today I’m here to update you on what I managed to miss last week.

Masvidal to face different opponent, Per Dana White

One of the long awaited matchups we thought we’d get in 2020 is Kamaru Usman Vs. Tyron Woodley. While many fan’s want the matchup, Dana White on an interview earlier in the week said the company is going in a different direction. White says they’ve found another exciting opportunity for Masvidal and that they are exploring all their current options. I don’t like this decision, based on what Masvidal has done in the past year. Masvidal checks off all the boxes for a title shot, and the man isn’t getting any younger. I think that Masvidal has the right momentum and skill set behind him to dethrone the welterweight champion.

Cowboy Cerrone Opens up following Mcgregor Loss

For many months, fans have speculated that cowboy Cerrone took a dive in the fight against Conor Mcgregor back in late January. Cerrone set the media straight, saying that there is no amount of money that someone can pay him to take a dive. In addition, he also said that it was very hard for him to find motivation after the Mcgregor loss. Cowboy has always had trouble in the big fights. Seeing Mcgregor go out and do what he did didn’t surprise me, many people say that he took an easy fight. It’s hard to agree with that, based on the fact that Cowboy and Mcgregor have had history for years now. Mcgregor used the blueprint that his fellow colleagues laid out for him and went after Cerrone from the opening bell. In the end of the interview, Cowboy said that he see’s the light at the end of the tunnel but he doesn’t know when it’s going to come. This is a huge loss for the UFC, as cowboy is all for the fans and a complete showman at everything that he does. A true UFC legend and without a doubt a first ballot hall of fame inductee.

Woodley Vs. Burns

Tyron Woodley is expected to be accepting a fight against Gilbert Burns on May 23. This fight is expected to be the main event of the card, and it’s sure to bring fireworks. Burns is coming off a hot win against Demain Maia, while Tyron Woodley is arguably one of the best WW of all time. I think this is a bad fight for Tyron Woodley for many reasons. Woodley is risking it all to face an up and coming star, and if he makes one mistake it flushes down all the work he’s done in the division. I think Woodley should be looking for the Colby fight, and Burns should be looking to make a name off a surging star like Leon Edwards.


This week we did not get around to shooting the podcast. Please understand that life happens, and we want to bring anybody supporting us the best content we can. Everything has been extremely weird and I’m still trying to adjust to life. I would rather not shoot a podcast then shoot one with no mood or interaction. More content is to come with time, and we will only get better with time. Thank you for being understanding and reading! We couldn’t do it without the viewers.

For the love of fighting-Story of a kid with a dream

Very well spoken.. Give it a read!


Many children have a dream to become something when they grow up. Some got pushed by parents to become lawyers, some doctors, but there is always that one kid in a group with different wishes.

Bullying then, bullying now. Some things change, but some things never change as 2Pac said. That “happening” is what marked me for life. As soon as elementary school started I knew, but somehow other children knew too that I do not fit with them. I was very short and skinny, goofy looking kid. I was always on the side, shy one. You know those friend groups who walk on a sidewalk and there is always that one who is left hanging and has to walk behind them, you know that, am I right? Well I was that one fella my whole life. Always had that one wild side by me, always ruckus around me because…

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